Isabelle de le Court
Art Advisor

Cultural Institutions

Isabelle has established a longstanding collaboration with museums, private foundations, and galleries, demonstrating her commitment to supporting various exhibitions. She eagerly offers her expertise, whether it’s meticulously crafting written materials, overseeing the intricate process of packing, unpacking, and installing artworks, or conducting guided tours and delivering insightful conference presentations. Her versatility and willingness to lend a helping hand, even at short notice, make her an invaluable asset to any exhibition endeavor.

Private & Corporate Collections

Isabelle possesses extensive experience in the comprehensive management of art collections, overseeing tasks ranging from inventory and documentation to coordinating loans and preparing visual condition reports. She establishes efficient procedures to streamline the responsibilities of all personnel involved in handling the collection. As a proficient researcher, she conducts thorough provenance searches prior to acquiring artworks, and she adeptly crafts scholarly descriptions of artworks for publication purposes. Additionally, Isabelle provides support to heirs seeking authentication of artworks through official channels such as scientific committees, foundations, or artists’ estates. Leveraging her extensive network of professionals in Switzerland, including framers, restorers, and art transport companies, she offers valuable guidance on the handling and logistics of artworks.

Artistic Production Consultancy

Isabelle provides invaluable assistance to artists for various essential tasks, including compiling portfolios, crafting biographies, describing their artistic practice, establishing archives, and managing administrative and organizational matters. Her support ensures that artists can focus on their creative endeavours while effectively showcasing their work and managing the necessary documentation and logistics.

Lectures & Conferences

If you are a group of individuals eager to delve deeper into specific artists, art movements, or topics within the art world, Isabelle can coordinate a series of comprehensive lessons tailored to your interests, either in person or online. Whether you’re passionate about a particular artist’s body of work, intrigued by a specific art movement, or interested in exploring broader themes in the art world, Isabelle can design a structured curriculum to meet your educational goals.
Alternatively, if you represent a company or association looking to host a conference centered around art, Isabelle can collaborate with you to develop a customized conference program tailored to your preferred topic. Through thorough discussions and careful consideration of your audience’s interests, Isabelle will craft a dynamic and engaging conference experience that meets your specific needs and captivates your audience. Get in touch to explore the possibilities and bring your vision to life with a tailor-made conference led by Isabelle.

Publication coordination / Proofreading / Editing

With extensive experience navigating the entire publication process as an author, Isabelle is enthusiastic about providing support to individuals and institutions interested in publishing exhibition catalogues or art books. Whether you’re an artist seeking to document your work in a comprehensive catalogue or an institution aiming to showcase a curated collection, Isabelle can offer invaluable guidance and assistance at every stage of the publishing journey.
From conceptualizing the publication to coordinating with designers, editors, and printers, Isabelle ensures a seamless and successful publication process. Her expertise in crafting engaging written content, coupled with her keen eye for design and attention to detail, guarantees that the final product meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
Whether you’re embarking on your first publication venture or seeking to elevate your existing publishing efforts, Isabelle is dedicated to helping you bring your vision to life and create a lasting impression through the power of print.

Cultural Trips

Isabelle offers bespoke cultural trips tailored to different destinations such as Berlin, London, Istanbul, Veneto, Rome, Sicily, and Lebanon, catering to groups of up to 10 individuals.
Additionally, she provides specialized arrangements for events like the Venice Biennale and Documenta in Kassel. With her expertise in cultural exploration and logistics, Isabelle ensures memorable and enriching experiences for participants, whether they are art enthusiasts, collectors, or professionals in the field.