Dr. Isabelle de le Court
Art Advisor

 Languages: FR| EN | DE

Profile & Curriculum

Isabelle de le Court is an accomplished art historian, curator and independent researcher. She earned her PhD in Social and Critical Histories of Art from the University of Leeds (UK), under the supervision of Prof. Griselda Pollock, and holds an MA degree from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). With previous experiences as university lecturer in both the UK and Lebanon, and as gallerist in Berlin, she has been providing guidance to artists, private collectors and cultural institutions since 2018.

In her scholarly publications, she specialises in exploring the themes on war and its representations through lenses of trauma and memory. Her work has been featured in publications by esteemed entities such as Bloomsbury and Oxford University Press.

Driving by a fervent dedication to the preventive conservation of artworks, Isabelle is currently completing a CAS in « Applied Art History: Materials and Techniques » at the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Zurich.


Operating primarily within the area encompassing Zermatt, Verbier and Gstaad, Isabelle also extends her services to major metropolitan centres across Switzerland and Europe.

High Standards

Committed to prioritizing her clients’ best interests, she upholds the highest standards of deontology, professionalism and discretion.